martedì 12 gennaio 2010

I've Gotta Feeling - Parody

Questa parodia è eccezionale!

Grazie a Gio che me l'ha segnalata (ho trovato il testo della canzone Gio!)


I've got a feeling
Like last night wasnt such a good night
Cuz my head really doesnt feel right
And god dammit the sun is too, too bright
My leg is bleeding

And my clothes smell like they might ignite
And I guess at some point I stole a kite
And my girlfriend and I had a huge, huge fight

My brain's on fire
Drank way too much
Swallow an Advil
Then throw it up

Can't find my cellphone
Oh there it is,
It's in the toaster
12 messages

I know you ignored my calls
Cuz you made out with Karen don't lie Rachel saw
I hate you, don't call me you sad sack of sh*t
By the way to get even I showed Mike my t*ts
Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit!

So that was bad,
I messed up.
But Karen Patrick
Damn that girl is... HOT!

This must be her,
Well done monsieur
Oh, Karen Black
I'm going to throw up again

Like today's going to be a long day
God I wish Mickie D's had a buffet
And I increasingly think I broke my leg
Cuz I can't feel it

And I faintly remember a slight fray
Holy cr*p it's my mom what do I say
Cuz I can't let her take my car away

Last night was fun, (Drank)
I studied hard, (Don't be a b*itch)
I wrote an essay, (College)
About the Bard, (Shakespeare is gay)
Went to bed early, (Beer run)
I'm eating right, (Oh this is so good)
Another call mom,
I love you... too

Hey pumpkin pear
I messed up
I drank tequila (What the h*ll)
It f*cked me.. up

I love you Gina (Karen Black)
I made mistakes
Wait I did what
Now I remember again

I caught Mike
Threw a punch
Thought that he dropped

He got up
Grabbed a bat
Too drunk to block

Hit my leg
Really hard
Blacked out from shock

Woke up here
So now I know
Let's start from the top

I've Gotta Feeling (WOOOHOOO)
That last night was a freaking great night
And I got in a really sweet fight
And above all I now own an awesome kite!


3 commenti:

Supertramp ha detto...


e dopo sto video posso anche andare in uni! ciao!

Gabriele ha detto...

Bellissima parodiaaaa!!! Mi ricorda qualcosa... ahahah...
ragà piacere di leggervi!!
da oggi vi seguo pure io!!
Ciao ciao

Lolò ha detto...

Grazie Gabri! E allora dicci tipo "asl" come si dice in gergo internettiano (age sex location), almeno ti conosciamo un pò ;)