venerdì 15 luglio 2011

To love, and be loved in return

(grazie Miky)


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gigi er libraro ha detto...

e li invidio molto (loro possono, noi no.. vabbè, meglio non pensarci!)

Anonimo ha detto...

detto da un lil' monster: Molto meglio questo dell'originale.

Anonimo ha detto...

=) bellissimo..

LittleMonster ha detto...

Hello All,

My name is Jason O’Ffill. I am the producer/writer/star of “The (Gay) Edge of Glory”. I wanted to personally say thank you to you, for being among the first people to not only post the video; but blog about it as well. It really means the world. In three weeks we have reached 270,000 views. And in all honesty I could never have done it without your help. The main reason I am writing to you today is, well, I want to really push the video. I have gotten letters from around the world, as far as China and close as Nebraska. All from young people, old people, people. Telling me how a single video showed them that love is amazing. They want to be married. And in a lot of cases, it helped them realize it was okay to be gay.

I want to break the walls we have set up and show the youth of the world that it is okay to be who you are. Cause in the end that is what is important. And while not everyone in this world, gay or straight; wants to be married. We all want to be loved. A basic human need. The positive feeling the video has evoked I want to keep providing. And pushing. If you can help me with this I would greatly appreciate it. My focus was changed by the responses that I got. And now I want to push the idea that who you are is what you love. At the end of the day, the gym bodies, the clothing, the cars, that will all fade away. What is left is the person. The heart. The soul. That is what is important. That is the edge of glory.

People ask what is real in the video, what is not. It is ALL real for the people that desire it to be. There is a lot of truth on that screen. Let’s continue to show it. The Link is Please repost it, blog it, link it, Facebook it, tweet it. Let’s send a message. If we can change even one heart we can change the world. We are giving youth hope. Let’s not stop now.

With full thanks, and best regards,

Jason O’Ffill